Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ben 10 Alien Force - In Charms Way

Story line:
Kevin is upset by his inability to change back to human form and he vents his frustration by blaming Gwen for her inability to help. Charmcaster, seeking to steal Gwen's powers, charms Kevin to trick her into walking into a trap. Despite discovering the ruse and coming prepared, Gwen is still drained of her power. Kevin tricks Charmcaster into returning to Ben and Gwen, allowing Gwen to reverse the spell and regain her powers. Gwen then sucks Charmcaster into a magical vortex. Afterward, Ben explains to Kevin that Gwen has been using every spare moment to find a cure for Kevin without telling him, leaving Kevin in a state of deep regret.

You can download the full episode in the Following link:
In Charms Way

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